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Christian Worldview

A. Worldview. A “worldview” refers to a comprehensive conception of the world from a specific standpoint. A “Christian worldview,” then, is a comprehensive conception of the world from a Christian standpoint. (

Your worldview forms the basis of how you interpret reality.  Your worldview is a lens through which you look at the world.  Your worldview shapes your moral opinions.  It affects what you believe about God, marriage, politics, social structures, environmental concerns, educational requirements, economics, the raising of children, what kind of foods to eat, etc.  It affects everything because all of that which is around you and all of that with which you interact must be interpreted and must be understood in light of your worldview. Christian Worldview Essentials by Matt Slick

Every worldview, Christian and non-Christian, deals with at least these three questions:
1) Where did we come from & why are we here?
2) What is wrong with the world?
3) How can we fix it?

A prevalent worldview today is naturalism, which answers the three questions like this: 1) We are the product of random acts of nature with no real purpose.
2) We do not respect nature as we should.
3) We can save the world through ecology and conservation. A naturalistic worldview generates many related philosophies such as
moral relativism, existentialism, pragmatism, and utopianism.

A Christian worldview, on the other hand, answers the three questions biblically: 1) We are God’s creation, designed to govern the world and fellowship with Him (Gen 1:27-28; 2:15).
2) We sinned against God and subjected the whole world to a curse (
Genesis 3).
3) God Himself has redeemed the world through the sacrifice of His Son, Jesus Christ (
Genesis 3:15; Luke 19:10), and will one day restore creation to its former perfect state (Isaiah 65:17-25).
A Christian worldview leads us to believe in moral absolutes, miracles, human dignity, and the possibility of redemption.

It is important to remember that a worldview is comprehensive.
It affects every area of life, from money to morality, from politics to art. True Christianity is more than a set of ideas to use at church. Christianity as taught in the Bible is itself a worldview. Jesus proclaimed Himself “the way, the truth, and the life” (John 14:6) and, in doing so, became our worldview.