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Set Free—My Chains Are Gone!

January 2021


Essence of Fellowship : One-Another
Christian fellowship (Koinonia) is an association, communion, fellowship, close relationship.

“to be God’s man and God’s woman, motivated, matured and equipped in the Spirit, doing God’s work in His way at the place of His appointment, together with His people”
John Morrison

“giving, receiving, and sharing of material or immaterial things on a personal basis between believers based on the common bond of Christ” J. Grant Howard. Read More…

Grace Givers

What is Grace?

What does it cost?

What does Grace do?

Grace Receivers = Know how much they’ve been forgiven [Sinful woman Lk 7:36,46-47].

Grace Growers = Bring grace out in others. God grows our faith by testing it. [Ja 1:2-4].

Grace Givers = Those who have received and now extend it. Like the sinful woman. Like Jesus. Read More…

Christian Love

And They’ll Know We Are Christians...

You know the next three words… BY OUR LOVE.

It’s a classic Sunday School song. Jesus coined this phrase John 13:35. Is it what people would say about your Christian faith? Why was this the command of Jesus instead of “keep the Sabbath” or “be good all the time”?
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But now faith, hope, love, abide these three...1 Cor 13:13a We often focus only on love because it is the greatest. But faith and hope are still in the top three! What’s so great about hope? Read More…

Why Doesn't God Eliminate Evil & Suffering

Why can’t we have this ‘heaven on earth’ now? If God is so powerful certainly He could do that. Read More…

Why Bad Things Happen

to Good People.

The rationale behind the question is; Since God created the world—one which is full of suffering and evil—He is to blame.
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Ineffective Prayers of Husbands

What renders your prayers ineffective? A hindrance. There are five hindrances to prayer: Wrong Motives, Sin in the Heart, An Unforgiving Spirit, Self-centeredness, Apathy in Marriage. Read More…

Marriage Advice

Agree or disagree?
1.“The husband holds ultimate responsibility for all major decisions in the family and the home.”
2. “The wife is to submit graciously to the servant leadership of her husband.”

Click to find out...
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Love & Respect

Every woman dreams of being loved and every man desires to be respected.
When a woman feels loved, she pours out honor and respect towards the one extending this love.
When a man is honored with respect, he responds with sacrificial love.

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Love & Discipline

Family Relationships & Parenting
Parents are to love their children. Love is not permissiveness. Read More…

Husband Headship

Husbands can never coerce wives to obey them. Submission is encouraged by example, not coercion. Even if through manipulation or abuse you can force her to comply with your requests, you will find rebellion and refusal in her heart. More often not, when the husband submits to Godʼs leadership, his wife gladly submits to his. Submission begins with the husband, not the wife. It is encouraged by the husbandʼs example and sacrifice. Read More…

Do You Listen To Christian Radio?

Is it ok for a Christian to listen to secular radio? Is it profitable to your spirit?
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Meet The New You

Why do people who are holy act unholy, struggling with sins constantly trying to overcome them? Read More…

A Righteous Lifestyle

Does God still desire us to have a righteous lifestyle? Most certainly. When we become Christians, we possess the divine life of Jesus Christ. As we abide in Christ, His life flows out of us producing a righteous lifestyle. His empowering grace will produce righteousness whereas our self-effort to follow rules will always fail.
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Two Trees in the Garden

God gave man a choice between the two trees. Choose the tree of life (a picture of Jesus who is Life and came so that we might have life John 10:10) or the tree of the knowledge of good and evil (having personal knowledge instead of depending solely on God).
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Give Up Your Values

  • An obsession with right and wrong makes people self-conscious instead of God-conscious.

Focusing on behavior takes our eyes off God and puts the focus on self. God’s purpose is that we focus on Him. If we spend considerable effort evaluating our behavior to see that it is good (even conforming to 10 Commandments) we become egocentric. Our eyes are taken off God. That’s what concentrating on good and evil will do.
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Is This Christianity

What we desire in life is harmony with one another, a sympathetic ear when things go wrong, brotherly kindhearted relationships from others who are humble towards us—not judgmental.

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Truth Teller

We are commanded not to lie because He doesn’t lie. Speaking the truth imitates God’s character.

“If you tell the truth, you don’t have to remember anything”. Mark Twain Read More…

Why Should I Go To Church

  • Jesus wants you to.
  • You will find spiritual growth and encouragement.
  • You will find a way to serve others and be served.
  • You will gain spiritual victory in your life

We go to church to worship publicly and corporately. God dwells in an atmosphere of corporate worship. Think of Heaven.

The church is also called the Bride of Christ. Jesus inaugurated the church after being raised from the dead and before ascending to heaven. Jesus is returning to get His church. We will all sit down at the wedding supper.
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Top Excuses

There are many excuses given by people when they are invited to church. I've compiled a list of the most frequently given excuses and a short pastoral response. In the end, (which is drawing near!) I pray you decide to "come and see"!
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What We Do At Church

Church involves Witness, Wonder, Warfare

At church
we congregate, celebrate, communicate, consecrate, commemorate, contemplate. Read More…

Christians Who Quit Church

Most people have their good reasons (see blog Top Excuses) for not going to church. But did Jesus have this in mind when He said, “...on this rock I will build my church...”? (Matthew 16:18).

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A Family Affair

Is it important for a family to attend church together? Why not just skip church and let the kids decide what they want to do when they become adults?

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Priests of the Home

There are two major roles that men hold in the marriage, that as priest of their home, and that of being a servant leader.

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National Sunday Law

Have You Received the National Sunday Law booklet in the mail?

Did you read it? If so, how does it compare to what the Bible teaches? Who is the author A.Jan Marcussen? And why is he sending out this book randomly?

OR Have You Seen The Back Page Ad in the Pagosa Sun? Read More…

What is a Church?

What defines, or constitutes, a church? Is it a building, a group of people, or possibly an activity between two or more people?

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Grace Inside

Holiness outside comes from Grace inside.

What does grace means to you?
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Set Free to Live Free

We have been set free by Christ so that we may have liberty; that we may live free.

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The Power of God

Jesus said He chose us before the foundation of the world, we did not choose Him. He did this knowing sins even before we committed them and what our future walk of faith would be like. IT IS THE POWER OF GOD. (See John 15:16,19; Ephesians 1:4).
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One Another Place

Community Churches are needed. Serving a defined neighborhood - community. It is where people gather and have time to talk things over, learn from each other, offer/receive help from each other, learn/observe parenting, get to know each other's kids, help other parents out with their kids.
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River Baptisms

Therefore we have been buried with Him through baptism into death, so that as Christ was raised from the dead through the glory of the Father, so we too might walk in newness of life. Read More…

4 Kinds of Soil


A master gardener has developed many skills. They have an objective in mind for the plants. They selectively purposefully choose certain types of plants to grow. They consider the conditions of light, moisture, temperature, and most importantly—
the soil. Read More…