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Christian Love

And They’ll Know We Are Christians...

You know the next three our love.
Jesus coined this phrase John 13:35.

Think back in your life. Are there people you
remember who are forever linked to your life?
Was it an event or season? (not necessarily family)
What linked you? Why?

Things or events unify people. Consider a
traumatic event. After people have gone
through it together, they are knit together—
often for a lifetime. War vets, 9/11 survivors, those who’ve been through plane crashes, summer camp, school reunions, college. Maybe a previous church? A Jesus event? Mission trip?

Eventually the memory and linking of that traumatic event or the seasonal life event will fade. It isn’t eternal. We might move away and our church family connection is eventually broken as another is created. Even death of our friends or members will separate us. Maybe, hopefully, new events will bond us together with new people. The old will fade.

Christians all have one thing that connects us. A death. The death of Christ on the cross. His atonement for our sins. Even more so, His resurrection. That 43 day period and the 3 years prior are an event that connect us all together.

And they’ll know we are Christians by our love for one another. (1 John 4:7,19-20). This is how people should recognize us as being Christian. When we think of Mormons we have a particular image of them. Ditto for Mennonite, Amish, and Muslim. What is the mark of a Christian? Candidly, it isn’t our righteousness and clean living. It needs to be grace and love. How? By the way we love one another.

Do we enjoy being with each other? Why? Basis?
How do we respond to other Christians? Do you recognize the family resemblance?
Do we look after one another? Why? How?
Do we want to bring someone else into our family?

What do you think heaven will be like?!! We’ll all be together, enjoying one another and loving one another. Why not live like it now? What are you waiting for? Intentionally love your Christian brother or sister.

The world depends on crutches such as drugs, alcohol, sex, licentious entertainment, sports to bring people to the point where they are comfortable enough to participate. The Christian crutch ought to be our love for one another.

How do we love one another? Rom 12:9-16
What does love look like? 1 Cor 13:4-8

ETERNALLY LINKED BY OUR CITIZENSHIP IN HEAVEN. WE WILL BE SPENDING ETERNITY TOGETHER. That should be enough to forgive and love one another now, Amen?
Christian love for one another

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